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The Rulebook

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The Rulebook

Post  *SD*Pain on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:39 am

Here are the basics rules of the forum which everybody should be following:

1 - Before writing a reply to a post, read ALL posts before it so you won't repeat yourself.
2 - Do NOT reply with only a single word like Hi or sup.
3 - Do not post more than 2 times in a row. If you need to add something than edit your last post.
4 - Do not insult other members in public or in a private chat.
5 - If you post the results of a duel or something for a competition post it in the PROPER theme. Do not mix up the themes.
6 - After you register do not complain about taking the test as quickly as possible. Testers have lives to so they might not be around all the time.
7 - After taking a test do not spam by complaining that you got a wrong result. You will be able to take a re-test at the given time.
8 - Do NOT ask other members for their real names, cities or addresses. If the other members wants to tell you he/she will.
9 - Do not use banned cards in academy duels. The other rules will be stated by tournament organizers or in the arena rules.

If you saw someone who offended any of the rules above PM me or any admin of this forum. But be sure you are not mistaken anything and if possible have some proof like a screen shot that shows the offense.

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